Trinity Quilters meet to tie quilts created by the talented disciples who are members of this active ministry.

Trinity Quilters meet Wednesday afternoons in room #234 from 1-3 pm.

Using donated fabric and often fabric from our own “stashes”, our sewers create beautiful quilt tops at home.  The tops are then layered with batting and backing and tied together using square knots by sewers and non-sewers alike during the meeting.  The layered and tied quilts are then finished off at home.

Every quilt made by our disciples bears a heart representing Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC) somewhere on the quilt so that whoever receives the quilt will know the tender loving care we put into each quilt we make.

We display the quilts in the church on Mothers’ Day for all to see–and perhaps be inspired.  Inspired to join us in creating the actual quilts: inspired to contribute extra fabric, some of your time, or even some of your money!

The quilts are transported to Windsor, Maryland to be distributed across the globe by Lutheran World Relief.  Just as in an old-fashion quilting bee, the disciples enjoy the fellowship of working together and serving the needs of those who have met misfortune.

All skill levels are welcomed, and you do not have to sew to participate.

You can also be a part of this ministry by donating cotton or cotton/poly woven fabric.  Of course, if you are unable to participate directly, donations of money to buy the batting are welcomed.

We invite you to check us out–we welcome you to share your gifts with us. For more information please contact Barbara Miller at