Trinity’s Outreach Ministry Team welcomes new members concerned for its mission within Trinity’s framework. The team is always open to fresh ideas and approaches. Contact convener Marcia Hoffa at hoffa707@comcast.net.

Our mission is: Led by the Holy Spirit, the Outreach Ministry Team are volunteers who connect all people to God’s family by encouraging generous Trinity disciples to provide resources and support to people in need.

Trinity’s Outreach Ministry Team manages and publicizes a wide range of initiatives that benefit deserving children and adults with needs in the Lansdale community and beyond. It is important to note that none of these financial appeals and “in kind” giving initiatives over the course of the year would be possible without the generosity of so many of YOU, who are Trinity’s disciples!

In recent years the team helped to organize congregational support around the following: Harvest Home Appeal and monthly food cupboard drives (supporting Manna on Main Street, Keystone Opportunity Center and the Philadelphia Food Cupboard , managed by Cortney Birenbaum, with non-perishable foods donated by the congregation), the Help Appeal (benefitting community outreach organizations, Lutheran Charities and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod – 14 beneficiaries altogether), the Wounded Warriors Walk (benefiting veterans with war-related and disabling injuries), White Gifts (benefiting infants in need with clothing and accessories through the Abington Home Health and Hospice and Abington Health Children’s Clinic).

Also, the CROP Walk for Hunger (benefits Manna on Main Street and Church World Service), Mother’s Day Blanket Appeal (encourages monetary donations for Church World Service to purchase blankets), the Father’s Day Appeal (supports initiatives such as Lutheran Disaster Response), Lenten Hunger Appeal (monetary donations for the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s World Hunger Appeal), Manna on Main Street Thanksgiving dinner baskets, the Christmas Ingathering (gifts for seniors and children, work gloves for seafarers), and God’s Global Barnyard (folks “purchase” an animal given to less fortunate individuals around the globe). In addition this year over four weeks in the early Fall the committee operated a Garden Surplus table which benefited our FEAST program. Through The Wishing Well initiative the committee strives to keep before Trinity disciples opportunities to make a difference for individuals and projects in need.

The committee has also offered encouragement and support for initiatives like Code Blue, Trinity’s Disaster Preparation and Response Task Force, and the Seamen’s Church Institute of Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and Refugee Resettlement. A recent initiative has involved some of our Team working with Immanuel Church of the Nazarene of Lansdale in resettling three Afghan refugees in the community.

The team includes Marcia Hoffa, convener, Karen Wright, Donna Watson, Sallie Cassa, Joan Grasso, Lynn Staples, Mark Staples, Tamera Hatton, Lorraine Crosson, Carol Bennett, Karen Minogue, Marilyn Loeffler, Linda Williams, Joe Voicheck and Tom Mellon.