Prayer Ministry

Prayer Corner in Worship BULLETIN

Please let us know when you are hospitalized or in need of prayer. If you would like your name included in our worship prayers and listed in the worship bulletin, please email Miwa Sperring at or call the church office at 215-368-1710. We would like to visit you when you are hospitalized. We continue to miss visiting some members because we didn’t know they were hospitalized. The hospital cannot tell us if you are there! Please, call or have a family member call the church office when you are hospitalized. Unless YOU let us know, we won’t know.

Love Links

Love Links, Trinity’s prayer chain, currently has three phone chains and an email chain.

The pray-ers are asked to pray for a certain request for a minimum of five days (a lot of folks pray for a longer period of time).  Every request is confidential and last names are seldom used.  We do ask that we have a first name of the person for whom prayer is requested, but have been known in rare cases not to include a name. Some of our pray-ers pray once a day while others might pray more often during the day – some pray on morning walks, some pray while waiting in line at a store, some pray while stopped in traffic for a red light and some have chairs within their homes that have been designated as their “prayer chairs”.

This is a ministry that everyone can participate in because you can pray anywhere, anytime.  Sometimes we can get three or four requests in a day and then other times we can go weeks without a prayer request.  I truly believe the power of prayer is awesome as do all of our pray-ers!

You have a specific prayer request?

Love Links, Trinity’s Prayer Chain, invites people to share their prayer requests so that the Love Links members can pray for the concerns of Trinity members and friends. Prayers continue in confidence for a week. (This form is not for Trinity Weekly publication. Please call the church office to be included in our worship prayers and in the Trinity Weekly list.) You may write your prayer request on a piece of paper and place it in one of the envelopes found in the pew racks and place it in the offering, or give it to a Pastor. You can also send a note by filling in the form below.

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