How we are led

How Our Church Is Led

Leadership at our church is a team effort shared among four different groups. Here’s how it works:

  • The Congregation members are the heart of our ministries. They develop and deliver the church’s work through worship, volunteering, service, and outreach. Our Ministries are organized into five “Hub Teams” focused on Worship, Faith Formation, Christian Care, Fellowship, and Ministry Support. Lay leaders and staff co-chair these teams, coordinating all the different volunteer ministries within each area.
  • The Council provides oversight, governing the church as a board of directors along with the Lead Pastor. Elected by the congregation, they guide our priorities, financial resources, and long-term vision for the future.
  • The Pastors and Deacons provide spiritual leadership, preaching, inspiring and equipping the members for ministry inside and outside the church. 
  • The Church Staff, led by the Lead Pastor, handles the day-to-day operations supporting all the ministries, providing professional guidance, advice, and support to collaborate on ministries and operations.

While each group has its role, leadership is a collaborative effort. Congregation members, council, staff, and pastors all share important responsibilities in carrying out our mission to share God’s love.