God’s Global Barnyard

For many years, Trinity members have helped less fortunate families around the world by “purchasing” an animal from God’s Global Barnyard. This has been a great way to give an alternate Christmas gift to a friend or family member!

To purchase an animal please stop by our table in the Lobby or please consider making your purchase directly online at goodgifts.elca.org/christmas. By donating an amount between $10 and $500 you can “purchase” an animal that will be given to a family in need. This animal will make a meaningful difference in the quality of life of a family. Animals provide food to eat, fertilizer to grow crops, and offspring to sell at market. Your gift can help a family escape the cycle of hunger and poverty for good. Prices range from $10 for chicks, $20 for honeybees, $30 for a pig, $50 for a goat, and $500 for a cow. For each donation, a gift card is available for you to give to your loved one.

If you have any questions, please contact Lorraine Crosson of the Outreach Ministry Team at 267-640-6568. Please consider supporting this appeal and honoring your loved ones with a gift that shares the Christmas spirit and provides life-changing programs around the world!